Do you have some new ideas about something? Are they big enough to scare the people around you? Do you always have problems with them, trying to blindly stop you from taking real actions for your dream? Then I've written it just for you!

I thought I need to clear my mind about something. People around me are just too blind to see what I see. They can't see the flashing signs in their faces. But I see. People may be too blind to see what I think of, dream of, to be a part of their reality. But I'm not. I see the people every day, which has taught themselves, just every single thing I want to learn today. I find more and more people pursuing what I dream of too, in different ways, just like the ways I want to start from. People may be too blind to understand that every single thing -at least most of them- I talk about every day, dream of every day, am passionate about just every single day, can be real, can come true. They're too blind too see signals that prove my sayings "I know the way to make them come true, no matter how big or even unachievable they seem to you right now, I know how to do them. I don't know every single step to them but that's just OK, because no one knows exactly every single step to what they want to do, it's a process. All we need to know is only a few steps forward, and the rest will just show up to us as we're taking current steps. It's all set." 

But people! They make me crazy! I'm just tired of talking to them, proving that what I want is not just a dream, but can be MORE than a dream. What they don't want to believe, they just won't believe. No matter how hard you try to provide them actual evidences to prove the rightness of your BIG dreams, they're way bigger than what these small minds need to start believing in.