I have plant. Her name is "She". I like this name for her, because it kinda help me to always think about her, in a way like she's a stranger, like although she's living with us, she's not from here, she's not like us, her world is somewhere different from ours. That's why I wanna call her the "She", like the one that I could've never talk to directly, even though I tried, I still find it far, far away from a close conversation I could have. So, she's rather a "she" than a "you" in my world.
Tonight I was writing to myself –as an introverted person, I think it's something quite usual!- And as I was getting deeper and deeper in myself, I just felt that I've suddenly slipped into the endless ocean of my biggest question again, "The meaning of the life, bro!".
But this time, for the first time in my life, did I not get into the same phase of asking this question from myself, but rather I got to make a difference to it, and ask that from "She", my little, calm, evergreen plant that leaves pacifically in a corner of my room, on the top of my library, in the neighborhood of my books.
Yes, and I tried to do it differently this time. I tried to instead of asking this nasty, odd question from myself, ask it from my very much different roommate, the "She".
And I started to think about it… What is the purpose of the life of "She"? What is the purpose of her or maybe a friend of her, a pine tree, a weeping willow? Do they know it, ever?! I don't think so. I think a sunflower would never think about the purpose of her life. Or a pine tree, does he do that, every day, with each raise of the sun, or each shine of the moon, does he ask it from himself? I don't think so. I again come back to my very own plant, the "She". I'm wondering… If I change her place, would she get to think about it, the reasons and the causes of it?! No. She would simply do everything just to turn her face and her leaves toward the light again. If I change her pot or her soil, would she nag about this? No. I don't think so. She would just continue to move her roots into the soil, to make the "life" keep happening again. 
The green world, doesn't know a shit about the philosophy, but it does surely know everything that ever exists, about the subject of Life.
It just lives. No matter what the questions are, what the obstacles say, the only rule to consider is only and only one thing, "to Live". No need to worry about the reasons that you've been given this, about the phases that you've been through, or the phases that you might get through in the future, just live it, be green, breathe, and feel being a plant. Just like a "She" -The one that may not even think about it, she is JUST a "liver", and that's simply all.