In my opinion, there are two types of falling in love for human beings, Natural-love and Artificial-Love. In the first one, you are in a normal and healthy condition in your life, and by "normal" and "healthy" I don't mean an "every-thing-is-OK" life! I simply mean, you HAVE problems, just like everybody else has them, but those are not some BIG deals, you know. I mean they EXIST, but don't make you frustrated or feel alone or weak or miserable. Generally, I mean in those conditions you are OK with your little sweet life. And at these times something may happen that I call it Natural-Love! Weird title, hah?! I know, but if you listen to my explanations, you'll soon agree with me on choosing such name. So, what exactly is this Natural-Love thing? A Natural-Love is a kind of love that you don't want it to come. It just comes whenever it's supposed to come, whenever it's time for it to come. You don't have to BEG it to come for you. And I'm pretty sure each of us, at least at some points in our lives, have had something to tell about "begging" a relationship to come, a person to come, a lover, a "romance" to come. Well, don't! Because Natural-Love will come, if it's time, if he/she is your person, it will happen. And if it isn't, then you can't make it. Love is one of those things that human beings CAN'T produce it –at least yet! It is one of those things that needs time and patience to happen. But don't think by waiting I mean you have to say, 'OK! Then I'll wait!' and spend the rest of your life standing close to doors and waiting and waiting and again waiting until one day that one of those Natural-Loves comes to you eventually, in a magical way! By waiting I mean "forget"! Forget it! Really! I know, in these days "waiting for love" is not that simple to do. Especially in these days that having a partner is IMPORTANT ridiculously! Even more important than WHO that partner is! It just has to be someone, no matter HOW or WHO he/she is! And that's kind of those vulnerabilities that I meant in the beginning. You know, in most groups that I'm part of them today, almost everything that we speak about or want to do, in some ways, has some relations to the sweet subject of having a boyfriend! I can hardly remember a discussion that is not about having a boy in our supposedly "empty" lives! Seems all persons surrounding me have LACK of love, or attention or something. And in these times, something happens that I call it Artificial-Love. It's when you, after huge amounts of effort and hurry, have finally founded a person to have romantic conversations with –or some other romantic acts, it's up to your taste and your personal morality!- it doesn't necessarily matter who that person is, who cares?! Seriously?! You've finally did it! You're officially in a relationship with someone, it's all that matters. But after some day, some week, some year –it takes time again!- you will have to listen to your heart that THIS, isn't that relationship it wants to have. Hearts can't be matched easily. They're not as flexible as brains. Brains get convinced with logical statements, they are fine for daily decision-makings, but when it comes to more complex issues like Love, a sharper assistant is required. You can't make a fool out of your heart just like you do to your brain, not for a long time. Hearts ONLY get happy with Natural-Love. 

You deserve a "Natural" kind of love. Don't be satisfied with less than that.